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Michael Harper

North Palm Beach, Florida

Michael Harper is an avid traveller inside his own state, and with each new experience he encounters, his love for the state only grows.

Michael Harper is a resident of North Palm Beach, Florida—a fact he could not be more proud of. Florida boasts some of the nation’s most beautiful coastlines and nature preservations, not to mention their abundance of delicious seafood and famous cuisines. Even after living in the state for more than 15 years, Michael is continuously surprised and awestruck by the beauty and culture Florida offers in spades. 

One of Michael’s favorite parts about Florida is its sheer mass, which presents thousands of adventures and cultural experiences. With a handful of cities, one doesn’t need to venture far (or even out of the state) to be confronted with cultural diversity. As such, Michael Harper is an avid traveller inside his own state. With each new experience he encounters, his love for the state grows, as does his love for its regional cuisine. 

To Michael, a successful trip is incomplete without a great meal to accompany your memories. For example, a trip to Miami means delighting in the smoky taste of the famous Cuban Mix or Cuban Sandwich. Thick, buttered Cuban bread layered with roasted pork, swiss cheese, yellow mustard, sweet pickles, and salami create a delectable and mouth-watering sandwich favorited by locals and tourists alike. For something sweet, head down to Florida’s southernmost point and explore Key West. There, you’ll find the best slice of Key Lime Pie you’ve ever had—both tangy and sweet, it’s the perfect way to end a long, hot day at the beach. 

Aside from food, Michael Harper finds great joy in Florida’s national parks. Since Florida enjoys beautiful weather year-round, he believes there is no excuse not to get outside and enjoy all nature has to offer. Though he’s always willing to go on a new adventure, Michael is a regular of Everglades National Park, the Gulf Islands, Fort Matanzas, and Biscayne National Park. 

When he’s not planning his next trip, Michael can be found working or volunteering with one of his favorite organizations. He has over 15 years of experience in entrepreneurship, sales management and training, and business development, and is the former owner of a small business. Now, after several years in the healthcare industry, Michael is a Medical Laboratory Specialist.

Michael Harper is proud to be part of a growing industry—especially one that resides within and directly helps his community. The challenge to constantly and consistently produce accurate and efficient testing to physicians and patients excites him, as it allows Michael the ability to blend his business experience into his current position. For Michael Harper, the driving force in all aspects of his life revolves around people and providing them with the best care, service, and experience possible. 

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