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In most cases, you have some forewarning that you’re about to lose your job or that you’ll want to resign in a short time. This is often the result of being stuck in a toxic work environment, but, regardless of the situation, you should have strategy for bouncing back quickly after you do lose your job. These tips can help you avoid a situation in which you’re languishing in the job market.

Focus Your Search

While it may seem like a good idea to apply for every job opening you come across, that’s only going to make a bad situation worse. Sure, you might get hired faster, but hired to do what? In most cases, this involves taking a job for lower pay or one that doesn’t utilize your skills. You’ll have much better luck finding a job that suits you when you focus your search on openings that will give you what you need.

Use LinkedIn to Your Advantage

Keeping your LinkedIn profile updated is also essential to your success in finding a new position that matches your career interests. Recruiters often browse LinkedIn to find quality contacts, so making your profile public can help you to passively find a new position. It’s also a great site for networking with other professionals in your field. As you develop new associations, those relationships can help you find job openings, industry-related conventions, and other networking opportunities.

Don’t Be Afraid to Update Your Skills

Adding new coursework or the successful completion of training programs will show prospective employers that you take your career seriously. Additionally, it gives you an opportunity to learn a new skill that may be valued in the evolving job market. In some cases, learning a skill that may not specifically apply to your career but will enhance your appeal to a potential employer can also work in your favor. For instance, a recruiter may choose you over another candidate if you’re also first aid certified.

The best thing you can do is to refuse to settle for a job for which you’re overqualified. Once you step into that type of position, you may find it difficult to rise above it. Future employers will see that you settled in that situation and may not look any further to evaluate your true worth. Instead, continuously look for ways to improve your appeal to prospective employers and you’ll find it easier to find quality positions.