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Florida is a beautiful state that attracts millions of tourists each year nationwide and from around the globe. There are so many things to do and see, and they have some of the world’s most popular attractions there, such as Disney World, Miami Beach, and Universal Studios. However, some might want to see Florida under a different light, off the beaten path. Let’s take a look at three of Florida’s most underrated spots and what makes them worth visiting. 

First, we have South Walton, a quaint getaway in the Florida Panhandle. White sand beaches span 26 miles, and there are 16 different incredible beaches for you to choose from. Aside from beaches, there is a downtown shopping area, and beautiful trails paved for hikes, walks, and horseback rides. What makes South Walton stand out is its coastal dune lakes, a geographical feature that you can only find in a couple of other places in the world. South Walton is known for its seafood dishes and international cuisine. It is more popular to visit in the peak times of winter or spring, but even then, you won’t be swarmed by massive crowds.

An hour north of West Palm Beach is Jensen Beach, known as part of the “Treasure Coast.” Florida is known for its citrus, but Jensen Beach was once titled the “Pineapple Capital of the World.” Jensen is a lively area that hosts festivals, pageants, cooking, and eating competitions, along with opportunities to sail and scuba dive. The most stand-out feature of Jensen Beach is its seafood. One fun fact about this place is that it sits upon an aquatic preserve, so you’re very likely to come across groups of nesting turtles.

If you are someone that values wildlife and adventures in nature, Homosassa is the spot for you. Homosassa is home to many animals, one of them being the endangered manatee. Along with this, the wildlife tours will allow you to see Key deer, birds, foxes, black bears, and otters. It is also a perfect place to fish and go scalloping in the summer months. Snorkeling expeditions allow you to take a deeper look into the beach’s treasures, and when you’re hungry, feel free to stop at one of their renowned fish restaurants.