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Packing for any trip can be a daunting task, but especially so when the travel destination has as unique a climate as Florida boasts. The state has many features and attractions to draw visitors; these visitors, in turn, should fill their luggage with care. These four items should not be left out of the packing list.

Repellent for Mosquitos and Other Insects

Florida mosquitos are known for their level of aggression, biting even through clothing. Repellent is a must to keep these pests at bay. For those planning on spending time on such outdoor pursuits as grilling or relaxing in a pool, citronella candles are also a must. Doubling the protection also does not hurt; using a spray and staying in the nimbus of protection offered by citronella candles means one is still less likely to notice a bloodthirsty intruder mid-bite.


The sun is strong, even when there is a light cloud cover to give the impression of shielding one from its harmful rays. To avoid being badly burnt, apply sunscreen for any outdoor activities. This advice expands beyond such pastimes as lying on the beach or floating in a pool. Driving around exposes one to the sun enough to find oneself burnt. Having aloe vera on hand for any missed spots that do become reddened and painful is also wise.


After such strong recommendations about bringing sunscreen, the advice to have an umbrella close to hand may seem out of place. Florida has such unpredictable weather, however, that an otherwise clear and perfect day may feature a two-hour downpour in the midst of the blissful conditions. This is especially true in the months of June through November. Do not let the rain ruin your trip; rather, be prepared for the Sunshine State’s unpredictable climate.


Few people visit Florida without some sort of time in the water or on a beach planned. Florida features a variety of ways to spend time sporting in the water, whether one prefers ocean swimming or the hotel pool, kayaking or visiting the springs. It is almost unthinkable to have a vacation in Florida without having some sort of time in the water on the agenda of things to see and do.